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Illinois Agility Run Test


If part of your physical training encompasses developing dexterity, an Illinois Agility Run Test is a good option for you to assess your performance.

The test charts speed, dexterity, agility and endurance for athletes.

What is the point?

An Illinois Agility Run Test is a great way to help athletes determine how well they are improving with regards to their training program. While there will always be some factors that can influence performance level, such as nutrient status, temperate of the environment, sleep status and so on, in general you should be seeing your times decrease.

The point of the Illinois Agility Run test is to help measure how successful your training regime is in improving your overall fitness.

What do you need?

  • A 400 metre track surface that's as flat as possible
  • a clock or stopwatch
  • An assistant to do the timing

The measurements of the course should be 10 metres long and 5 metres wide. If you are going to use an athletics track to complete the assessment, you should try and make use of all 5 lanes.

How do you do the test?

  • The course will be divided up into three main segments. One cone should go at the starting line in the first segment and then again at the end (after 10 metres). The next segment consists of 4 cones evenly spaced out along the 10 metre distance. Finally, the third segment is repeated exactly the same as the first.
  • To move through the course, run 10 metres straight forwards, complete a 180 degree turn and then run back to the starting line.
  • From there you will begin weaving in and out of the four cones that are spaced in the middle column.
  • Go all the way to the end (again a 10 metre distance) and then reverse the action back to the start.
  • Finish up the course with a straight run down to the end again and then turn and run back to the start.

When actually performing the assessment, first lie face down on the floor at the starting point. As soon as the assistant is ready to begin timing, you will jump to your feet and take off as quick as possible. Your finishing time is recorded at the end.

What results you'll get :

After you have your resultant time, compare it with times from previous trials to see if improvement has taken place. The results of this test can only be compared with the previous times of the athlete themselves.

What is being measured again?

These tests measure your speed, dexterity, agility and endurance through an obstacle - type race.




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