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Medicine ball throws


If you want to measure upper body strength and explosive power, medicine ball throws are a very effective test.

What is the point?

Athletes don't just need strength, they need explosive strength and power. Medicine ball throws are not only an excellent ballistic strength exercise, with the right measuring protocol in place, they are also a quick and easy way to measure upper body strength and explosive power.

What do you need?

  • Appropriate weight medicine ball (2-5 kg) - this depends on your age and strength
  • Tape measure
  • Clear, safe space
How do you do the test?

  • Stand with both feet behind a marked line
  • Hold the ball overhead with two hands
  • Throw the ball as far as possible, using a football throw-in technique
  • You may step forward over the line after the ball is released
  • Take three attempts and record the best score

What results you'll get :

Perform the test several times, at least a month apart, to measure the effectiveness of your training program.

What is being measured again?

This test measures upper body strength and explosive power.




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