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A form of physical exercise designed to get your heart and lungs working harder aerobics classes and other fitness classes are also great fun. The word 'aerobics' means 'with oxygen' and the aim of aerobics is to increase your body's consumption of oxygen. Often it involves a series of repetitive movements while music is played that include exercises for the legs, arms, back and chest.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are multiple but what has perhaps made aerobics so popular, particularly amongst women, is that it is an effective way to lose body fat. As your body uses more oxygen, it also burns up fat at a faster rate leaving you with more muscle and less fatty tissue.

It also helps to strengthen your heart and lungs as the continual repetitive nature of the exercises encourages the heart to pump more efficiently in order to take in more oxygen. This means that it is then better able to deal with all physical strain so that you feel less tired and out of breath during other activities.

It also keeps your blood pressure lower thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks or strokes. It decreases the chances of you developing diabetes as well as lowering your cholesterol levels. Blood circulation is stimulated which in turn promotes your natural immune system and makes you feel more energetic.

Overall strength, as well as flexibility and co-ordination, can be greatly improved. Group classes attract people of all ages and are generally fun as well as a good way to socialise.



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