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Arm exercises

If your aim of your arm exercises is to build bigger biceps or trcieps, then you need to ensure that these arm exercises are an essential part of your routine. The good news is that there are plenty of arm exercises to choose from, which can be done reasonably quickly and will concentrate on either your biceps or triceps.

The most popular of the arm exercises is the bicep curl. To perform it correctly you need to stand with your knees slightly bent, and hold the barbell with both hands, shoulder width apart. You start ith your elbows straight, the bar resting against upper your thighs, and slowly curl the bar upwards until your forearms touch biceps. OK, you're halfway! Now slowly lower the bar back to the starting position. As with all workouts, perform it slowly and smoothly, breathing the whole time.The great thing about the bicep curl is the variations you can put into it - seated or standing, barbell or dumbbell, one dumbbell or two at a time. Remember, variety is the spice of life when exercising, so don't get stuck in a rut.

The other muscle group you need to workout are your triceps, the hidden muscle round the back that tends to sag on women of a certain age! Most of the ways to work this muscle are variations of presses. In a gym, one of the most popular is the press down, which is typically performed on a cable machine.Press downs are done standing, with your knees slightly bent. Grab the bar with palms down and bring your elbows in tight to your sides. Starting with forearms and biceps touching, press the bar down in a semicircular motion until your elbows are straight, then slowly bend them back up.

And that's just the beginning with one for the triceps and one for the biceps.




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