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Upper body tests

After working out for a few months consistently, performing some upper body tests are a great idea to track progress. Common upper body tests used are the one rep bench press max, number of pull-ups you are able to perform, and a push-up assessment.

Bench press maximum

Many athletes and body builders like to know their bench press maximum. We tell you how to do it.

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Biceps curl

To assess your arm strength, take the biceps curl test.

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Chin up test

If you can complete the chin up test, you will have a great measure of your strength over body weight.

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Flexed arm-hang

The Flexed Arm-Hang Test is a good measure of upper body strength.

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Grip strength

For athletes who need strong hands, the grip strength test is the best way to monitor progress.

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Isometric back strength

The Isometric back strength test is one measure of core endurance.

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Overhead press

Performing the overhead press test is an effective way to measure shoulder strength.

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Press Up Test

To assess your upper body strength, perform a press up test on a regular basis. This is one measurement that will call into play most of the upper body muscles therefore it is a very nice well-rounded determent of the progress you've made.

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