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Lower body tests

To determine your overall fitness level, you need to include some lower body tests as part of your assessment protocol. To design lower body tests, focus them around your performance on the major lifts, the squat and deadlift.

Dynamic knee extension

A good measure of leg strength is the Dynamic Knee Extension Test.

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Leg Press Machine Exercise Test

If you want to see how your leg strength is progressing, a leg press machine exercise test is a good assessment to perform. You can do this using either a parallel stance or a slightly turned out stance in order to target in on different areas of the thigh muscle.

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Leg strength

For athletes who need speed and power, the Leg Strength Test is a great way to gauge progress.

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Squat Tests

Performing squat tests are a great determinant of total lower body strength as this is the 'king' of leg exercises. Be sure to keep your knees moving over your toes while you do them so you can avoid injury.

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Wall Squat Test

To really give your quadriceps muscles a challenge, perform a wall squat test. This is one assessment that will really target in on these muscles as well as the glutes and hamstrings to a small degree.

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