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Muscle fibre test


Coaches perform the Muscle Fibre Test to assess their athletes' muscle composition.

What is the point?

Composition of muscle fibre is important for athletes - if you are primarily a strength or speed athlete, you want fast twitch fibres. For endurance athletes, a preponderance of slow twitch fibres is optimal.

The Muscle Fibre Test will help you to analyse which type you primarily have for any given muscle group.

What do you need?

  • Weight training facilities
  • Assistant/spotter
  • Knowledge of a variety of exercises
How do you do the test?

Taking this assessment involves the following protocol:

  • Determine your one repetiti on maximum (1RM) on a given exercise
  • Rest for 15 minutes
  • Using 80% of your 1RM, perform as many repetitions as possible

What results you'll get :

The results are analysed as follows:

Less than 7 repetitions at 80% - mostly fast twitch (FT) dominant
7 or 8 repetitions - mixed fibre type
More than 8 repetitions - slow twitch (ST) dominant

What is being measured again?

The objective of the muscle fibre test is to determine the fibre composition of the muscles used for a particular exercise.




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