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Shoulder workouts

Developing shoulder workouts can be aimed at rehab or deltoids growth. There are many components that make up the shoulder muscle. Structurally, they are often referred to as your 'deltoids' and consist of three different heads.

To plan shoulder workouts understand the geometry, first there is the anterior head, which is located directly on the front of the bone closest to the collarbone.

It runs from the collarbone down to where your biceps attach about midway down your upper arm. The anterior deltoid portion of the shoulder muscle will be responsible for any movements where you are lifting something directly up in front of you. It is also going to play a role when you push an object over your head.

After that you have the medial deltoid. This part of the shoulder muscle sits on the side of your arms and is what forms the 'cap' that you often hear body builders referring to. Developing this part of the body will give you a really nice rounded appearance to the arm.

The role it plays is the performing of any abduction movements (moving the arm away from the body).

Lastly there is the rear or posterior deltoid that sits on the back of the arm, below the trapezius. It is the smaller of the three heads and is mostly going to perform any extension movements or external rotation of the scapula. Ensuring this body part is strong is a great way to help prevent a rotator cuff injury so even though it's small, make sure you do not forget about it.

General exercises to perform are the military press or an overhead dumbbell press. This will call all three heads into play at once. In addition to that, you may choose to target in on the individual heads by doing lateral and frontal raises, as well as reverse flyes. As long as you are doing a few major exercises though you can rest assured that this body part will be getting a good workout.




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