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Bicep workout

Understanding the muscle structure is key to maximising your bicep workout. The biceps are the front part of your arm, and a bicep workout should develop your arm muscles such that they create a rounded peak at rest.

Developing a bicep workout is important as they are one of the muscles that many men like to target for the summer (as they often feel slightly empowered when it's on the larger side). Some may even consider it a defining arm exercise as it indicates they workout!

The bicep itself is two headed, composed of the short and long head, where the bellies of each head unite close to the insertion point. The tendon of the long head helps to stabilize the shoulder joint when movement is taking place.

A bicep workout needs to fully utilise the full travel of the muscle as the main actions that the bicep muscle perform are the flexion and supination of the forearm. Usually both of these movements go together, such as when you lift a glass to your mouth (the upwards and turning motion) or when you are twisting a cap off a jar and pulling instantaneously.

Immediately beneath the main muscle of this part of the arm, you have another portion called the brachialis, which is also included in aiding all the movements you make. It lies distally to the humerus and passes underneath the main tendon of the inner elbow.

When performing exercises for this region of the arm, it is a good idea to do them from a variety of angles so that you can ensure that you are targeting the muscle effectively. This will also translate over into your life better since you are obviously not always going to be lifting objects solely in one direction. Using a multiple of different angles will remedy this problem very well.

So be sure to include one or two sets of exercises for this muscle in your next workout. Try changing the particular exercise every week or so to fully reap the benefits from your training program.




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