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Arm workouts guide

Why not read our simple guide to arm workouts and identify the arm muscles that you want to exercise specifically. A common fitness goal is strong arms, so our exercise guide should come in very useful for all you budding Schwarzennegers out there!

Arm workouts are great for building muscle and toning, not only are the arm muscles generally satisfying to workout, every day things like picking up children, carrying groceries into the house, or moving furniture, become easier if you have got strength behind you.

As you will see from our guide to arm exercises, the major arm muscles in the human body consists of the biceps, triceps and shoulders. Together these three make up the upper and middle portion of this limb. You also have your wrist extensors and wrist flexors beneath the elbow joint that are responsible for moving the wrist and doing actions such as tilting a glass towards your mouth as you take a drink. Those who spend a great deal of time at a computer will likely want to strengthen the wrist flexors in particular as that would help to prevent the development of carpal tunnel syndrome .

When designing a workout program for your arm muscle, think more about compound movements rather than isolation ones. Far too often people get very wrapped up in isolated movements such as single bicep curls, one hand lateral raises, one hand tricep extensions and so on. The bigger movements such as bench press, military press and pull-ups (for biceps) will work these muscles in a more inclusive way and help speed along your progress much more.

If you are looking to strictly define your muscles, then you may want to look into the single isolated exercises, as that can be good for tweaking small amounts of definition. The thing to remember is that first you need to build the muscle, then you can make small improvements in definition.

So next time you go to do a workout, forget trying to do 10-12 different exercises. Instead perform three or four really major ones and then get out of the gym so you can rest and grow stronger.




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