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Omega 3 fish oil

You must have heard about Omega 3 fish oil? Both the benfits of fish oils on your joints and as an effective breast cancer treatment due to it's fatty acids (according to University of Indiana researchers).

Recent medical opinion on Omega 3 fish oil has differed a little on how effective fish oils can be (typically found in the oily fish like salmon, herring, mackeral or sardines) however, you can naturally ingest omega 3 in everything from fresh fish to eggs.

The university of Indiana's studies focussed of two types of omega 3 fish oil and in particular the fatty acids. Neither has a noticeable effect on breast cancer cases when used in isolation but when mixed with the anaesthetic propofol, both compounds have a distinct effect, appearing to reduce the growth and spread of cancer cells.

The mixtures blocked cell migration, reducing the risk of secondary tumours, but also triggered some of the cancerous cells to self destruct. The researchers believe the fatty acids, which are already known to offer a range of health benefits, could form the basis of effective treatment for breast cancer.



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