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Makeup tips : makeup remover

The skin around your eyes is very sensitive. So simple makeup tips for eye makeup remover are to ensure firstly it's a good brand and secondly it's very mild.

Other good makeup tips include; if you wear eye shadow, eye liner and mascara frequently, or especially if you work in a field, such as modelling or presenting that requires makeup daily, it will be essential to invest in the best eye makeup remover.

Eye makeup remover will make washing the products off your face at the end of the day a hassle-free experience. If you are in the habit of using soap, you may find that not only is soap drying, it also usually requires scrubbing and multiple washes, which can irritate the skin.

Eye makeup remover breaks down the sticky compounds in liner, mascara and shadow that are built in to make sure that your gorgeous eyes last through the night. Once these compounds have been dissolved by the eye make up remover, you can gently wipe off the various products without having to scrub at delicate skin.

Some really good products to try if you are often quite heavily made up are Lanc?me Effacil, Lauder Gentle, Prescriptives Gentle, and L'Oreal Plenitude. These are effective and are specially geared to dealing with sensitive skin. Another great product, which not only works brilliantly, but is also very affordable, is Klorane Cornflower. The only trouble with it is that it's not available everywhere, so if you find a shop that stocks it, you might want to buy a couple of bottles at a time.

Aside from their obvious function, you can also use all of these products as soothing compress to reduce puffiness. This works especially well if you keep a bottle cooling in the fridge. Body Shop Chamomile Product is very gentle and is great for this purpose.

So go on out and invest in one of these products! Your pretty blues or browns will thank you.



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