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When you're looking for health articles that provide general health advice and some great tips on a wide variety of topics, you want to find health articles that are current and on the mark - then thefitmap.co.uk can help.

Whether you're bombarded by pollutants, or looking to workout how much salt is good for you, our health articles, general health information and tips are from news sources like the 9 O'clock News through to in-depth articles from fitness magazines or New Scientist. The trick is to take everything with a pinch of salt - figure out if this is just another craze, or something that you can usefully incorporate into your life.

Aging Alzheimer's
Aspartame Back pain
Bowel movements Cholesterol
Effects of aging Glycemic diet
Health industry Hypertension
Ice baths Influenza
Osteoporosis Preventing heart disease
SAD Sciatica
Water retention What is a stitch?
Wonder drink  

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