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Moisturising your skin daily

The key for that fresh look is skin care creams or moisturisers on a daily basis. Well-moisturised skin is soft and supple, gives you a healthy glow, and ages less quickly. Regular use of skin care creams and moisturisers can prevent the skin from drying and chapping, thus slowing the aging process.

Before you even consider applying skin care moisturisers, there are things you can do to help your skin. The most important is to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, and eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. This will help normalize dry or oily skin.

However, in addition to the liquid refreshment you put in your body, your skin requires external assistance. There are a wide variety of moisturisers available, ranging from inexpensive to very expensive. Natural substances often found in moisturisers include vegetable glycerin, rose water, jojoba oil, vitamin E oils, sorbitol (derived from plants), honey, aloe vera, and iris.

It is a common misconception that moisturisers actually hydrate the skin. The truth is that moisturisers act by locking in the skin's own moisture to prevent dryness and cracking. The more oil a moisturiser contains, the more effective it is in protecting your skin. Moisturisers that come in ointment form contain the most oil - ointment, by definition, consists of 80% oil and 20% water. Creams, on the other hand, contain 50% oil and 50% water, and thus do not provide as effective a barrier against moisture loss as ointments.

It is best to avoid products that contain fragrances, preservatives, or other skin irritants. Experiment to find the product that is just right for you - one that keeps your skin supple and fresh, and feeling just right.



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