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Hamstring Exercise

Since the back leg muscles are directly connected with the glutes, including some hamstring exercise in your workout routine will really help improve your backside. Whether you are aiming to get a curvy figure with a strong definition between the bum and the back of the leg, or simply want to increase your leg strength, both goals are achievable when you perform the right movements.

The first major hamstring exercise to do is a stiff legged deadlift. These are really great because they not only work the back of the thigh but also work the lower back as well. When you are performing them remember not to lock the knees entirely though because if you do that you may start experiencing some knee pain.

Another good hamstring exercise is the leg curl. This can be performed either sitting down or standing depending on what type of machine is at your gym. With either one it is important to remember for this movement to keep your bum tucked under so you don't let your back get too swayed. Since there will be a lot of pressure exerted on the lower vertebrae, if the spine gets out of alignment this could cause various issues.

Finally you must remember that any time you are completing a squat or lunge you will also be indirectly working these muscles as they will be helpers to your quad muscle so if you are doing a lot of reps and sets with these two movements you likely may not need to even add any more specific isolated ones to your routine. You don't want to overwork the muscles and cause overtraining because then they will not get any stronger at all.

So be sure to evaluate your lower body workout program and figure out where these movements will fit in so you are getting a complete session.




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