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Hip workouts

To make the the most of your hip workouts this section is designed to understand the movement & structure of this joint. Helping to guide your leg in any movements you make, the muscles and bones surrounding your hip joint are very important to consider when thinking about any effective hip workouts you wish to create for that increased flexion or mobility of movement

Because this is a ball and socket joint and moves fairly freely, it can also become dislocated if enough force is applied. This dislocation usually results from motor vehicle accidents or falling from a very high level.

Individuals who have had fractures to this joint or other problems associated with it in the past may also be an increased risk for dislocations.

This condition is also extremely painful and if the person is unable to move the leg, there could be nerve damage as a result. If it does occur, it is extremely critical that you get to an emergency room as soon as possible, trying to avoid any movement while doing so.

Including some good strengthening exercises for the muscles is a must if you hope to avoid a dislocation as the stronger the muscles, the more force they will have to hold the bone in place. Also include some weight bearing exercise in your program if you are able to as this should help to strengthen the bones themselves and hopefully reduce any fractures in the future.

One exercise that can be problematic and should potentially be avoided however is hip flexor cable pulleys. Because these place a great deal of strain on the iliopsoas muscle, which is the muscle that connects your hip to your thigh, it is highly probable that if you over-do things there will be pain.

Add to this the fact that most people tend to be generally weak in this muscle and therefore overestimate how much they really should be lifting. They may not feel pain while performing the exercise but the next morning will find they are incredibly sore.

So do not neglect this body part from your training but be smart in how you go about it.




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