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Top Tips for Starting An Exercise Program

Starting to workout is different from continuing with a program, so it figures that the rules are different. If you are just starting to workout, or a re returning after a long lay-off, follow these suggestions to ensure that you make progress and stay injury free.

Many people start a new exercise program in January, and many of them have quit by February.

The causes of this high drop-out rate are legion - injury, lack of progress, unrealistic expectations, and even burnout.

One contributor to all of these is that people often start an exercise program as though they have been working out for years - they jump straight in and expect to be able to do what everyone else is doing.

Unfortunately, coaches can be as guilty of this as individuals.

But starting out, or returning after a long lay-off, is not the same as continuing a program, so read on to find out the right way to get into an exercise program.

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