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Wall Squat Test


One good assessment for your lower body is a wall squat test. The wall squat test will primarily measure how strong your quads are, however the hamstring and glute muscles will also come into play. It is a good assessment to do because not only will it give you a good idea on how you are progressing with your workouts but it will also enable you to see in general how capable these muscles are.

What is the point?

In every day life you are constantly moving in and out of this position, such as when you sit down in a chair or else walk up a staircase therefore being strong in these muscles will be very beneficial.

The objective of the Wall Squat test is to evaluate the strength of your quads, hamstrings and glutes, and consequently, the success of your training regime.

What do you need?

  • A wall

How do you do the test?

  • To start the wall squat test first stand with your back flat against a wall, your feet about a foot away and shoulder width apart.
  • Begin to squat down, keeping the small of your back pressed firmly into the wall and ensuring that your knees are tracking properly over your toes.
  • Go down until you are in a comfortable position and are not feeling any excess strain on the knee joint. Try and then hold this position for up to one minute, or until you can no longer maintain proper form.
  • You may wish to repeat the test two more times and then use the best reading you achieve, however do allow yourself a good period of rest in between to allow the legs to recover.

What results you'll get :

Compare your scores with the following standards (measured in seconds). These results are for people up to age of 35, for every 10 year block after, reduce standard by 5 seconds-

Very Poor Poor Below average Average Above average Good Excellent
Men 15-21 22-28 29-30 31-34 35-39 40-45 >45
Women 13-20 21-24 25-28 29-33 34-39 >39

What is being measured again?

This test measures the strength and endurance of the quadricep and hamstring muscles of your thighs, and the glutes of your buttocks, and consequently evaluates your training program.




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