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Aerobic tests

There are a whole variety of aerobic tests available to the coach or athlete who wants to measure this vital component of fitness. Aerobic tests measure the ability of the body to process oxygen on a consistent basis, which is the key to a whole range of sports, from running to swimming, football to lacrosse.

Standards ways of assessing this include various VO2 max and bleep tests - deciding which to use will depend very much of the nature of your individual sport.

12 minute cooper test

You can quickly determine your VO2 max with the 12 minute Cooper Test.

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12 minute wheelchair VO2 max

You can easily determine your VO2 max with the 12 minute Wheelchair VO2max Test.

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Bleep test

The legendary Multistage Fitness Test or Bleep Test is an excellent way to measure VO2 max.

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Kosmin test

Did you know you can predict your 800m and 1500m times with the Kosmin Test? Read on to find out how.

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Rockport fitness walking test

The Rockport fitness walking test is an excellent way for anyone to measure their VO2 max.

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Treadmill VO2 max

The Treadmill VO2 max Test is a simple way to test your aerobic capacity.

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VO2 max step test


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VO2 max race results


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