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Holiday rep careers

Working with varying groups of people, holiday reps work at resorts dealing with clients on package holidays and if you're looking for information on training, thefitmap.co.uk can help.

The number one responsibility for holiday reps is ensuring that guests have a good time and that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Main duties include welcoming guests, handling complaints, and resolving any problems that may arise.

There are no formal educational requirements for holiday reps - much more important are your working experiences, especially working in a customer service role or working abroad. In addition, experience of selling, or dealing with large groups of people would be an asset.

There is a minimum age for these positions, typically 19 for children's representatives and 21 for overseas representatives. All reputable operators will run induction or training courses in the UK. These week-long intensive sessions aim to prepare new employees for the rigours of working in an overseas resort.

It's an opportunity for new staff to get to know each other and learn about the types of problems they are likely to encounter on the job. Topics covered will likely include:

  • How to run welcome meetings
  • Basics of customer service
  • Health and safety issues

Representatives fly over to their locations a week before the first clients arrive. They spend this time familiarising themselves with the excursions on offer in order to sell them more effectively and to determine which trips would be suitable for which clients.

Some operators offer the chance work towards relevant NVQ qualifications (eg, in travel services) while working in the resort, or offer in-house supervisory development courses for those who wish to progress.

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