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Water activity training & UK courses

There are a variety of water activity career paths open for those who wish to work in as a lifeguard or at a pool. Options include pool maintenance, working as a swimming instructor, life guarding at either a pool or at the beach, and pool attendant. Each has its own water activity training and certification process.

Different skills are required for each water activity. A career in pool and spa maintenance would suit someone who likes practical, hands-on work, and also requires a knowledge of chemistry - maintaining the chemical balance and hygiene of a pool or spa can be a tricky business. Instructing requires patience, a good eye, and swimming proficiency across a range of strokes.

Finally life guarding requires that you be a strong swimmer, particularly if you want to life guard at a beach, physically fitness, and the ability to react calmly in emergency situations.

If you have an interest in any of these positions, check out the following pages which carry details of the training requirements for each.

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