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Hotel concierge careers

Chalet and hotel concierge have fun and varied jobs as outlined here on thefitmap.co.uk. Their responsibility is to ensure that guests feel completely at home during their stay, so that they can relax and enjoy the skiing.

It's hard work, but the upside of the job is that when you have discharged your responsibilities, you are free to enjoy the skiing and snowboarding. Employers look for people with customer service experience and excellent cooking skills in smaller establishments.

There are a number of training providers offering courses to train for this exciting position. A typical course will aim to teach you everything you need to know about running a successful chalet with style and the minimum of fuss.

Areas covered should include:

  • Quick, easy recipes you can prepare for large numbers of people.
  • Tips on menu planning, shopping, and budget control
  • Health & safety basics
  • Living in the mountains
  • Language skills

Concierges can be responsible for providing an interesting, balanced menu to guests throughout their stay, preparing, presenting and serving meals as requested.

Depending on the level you are at and the size of the chalet/ hotel, you could do it all - from the weekly shopping through to the food budget. You will also have a range of daily housekeeping responsibilities in smaller venues to ensure that the accommodation is comfortable and spotlessly clean when the guests return from the slopes. Larger facilities would have staff especially trained for those services.

You will also be the guests' first point of contact for any questions or problems they might have, so you will need excellent communication skills and high standards of professionalism. You can be asked to do anything, so it's a job that would keep you on your toes!

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