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Holistic therapy jobs & careers

For information on the latest therapy jobs including holstic therapy jobs, visit our dedicated careers ection to find out more.

With an ever-increasing audience, there's over 100 million visits to therapists every year which has doubled over the last 10 years, therapy jobs of all kinds are now more lucrative than ever.

Medical practitioners are beginning to turn towards alternative medicine to supplement more traditional treatments which means a fundamental demand for holistic therapy jobs despite continuing reasearch against the positive benefits of alternative medicines.

Holistic therapies are wide ranging and include the analyzing of the state of health of the bodily systems, mental and emotional states of the client. Some therapies involve correcting the body in ways that will help the client to sit, stand, walk and function wholly in everyday practises as well as being amongst the best stress-relieving techniques available.

Skills needed for holistic therapy jobs:
  • Accreditation in a institute of higher learning that will allow you to practice in the UK
  • Able to personally interact with clients within a large age range
  • Flexible with work hours to fit into client's schedules
  • Highly organized and competent in business (especially if wanting to be self employed
  • Ability to communicate with clients in an easy manner in regards to their condition and needs from a therapist.
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