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Coaching jobs & careers

Either team or individual based, coaching jobs & careers for sports, fitness or leisure can offer big rewards. Ranging from individuals according to their sports, lifestyle and health needs through to fitness, leisure and team sports. Education needs vary for coaching jobs depending on the position you are looking for but a lot of the experience and knowledge needed for coaching jobs are the same.

General Skills for coaching jobs:
  • Strong customer skills.
  • Able to work flexibly to suit the hours that are needed for the sport or other area of coaching
  • Has the ability to communicate well as well having good person to person skills in order to handle and interact with students/ clients
  • Ability to interact and work well as part of a team.
  • Sound organisational skills that include the ability to identify and juggle priorities.

Minimum experience level:
  • Some positions may require experience leading a team in a target driven environment.
  • Experience in a customer related field.
  • Ability in the sport or area of coaching (some jobs may need professional experience)
  • Have the desire to inspire and speak appropriately and passionately to students/ clients.
  • Can extract what the student/ client needs through conversation by actively listening.
  • Confident when prescribing advice as to inspire confidence in students/ clients who may need reassurance.

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