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If you have recently decided on a career path, you may now want to become actively employed in sales and marketing within the health and fitness industry.

Being employed in sales and marketing as a Director in this field, you may be responsible for networks of teams geared towards selling products and services through raising the profile of the clubs and centres themselves. In these broad roles, specific experience in the health and leisure sector is not mandatory, but this kind of experience is desirable.

The more qualified you are, the better your chances of becoming employed in sales and marketing. It is useful for a corporate or Directorate role to have appropriate educational Degrees, primarily in Business Studies, and other equivalent accreditation. Also valuable is experience working in similar roles in other business sectors.

If you are seeking to become employed in sales and marketing but are looking to gear your career more towards Recruitment Consultancy within a health club or fitness organization, then the appropriate business training will be required. For this position specifically, experience is vital and thus apprenticeships and job-shadowing can be most useful for you as your work to become active in recruitment consultancy.

In individual club based roles, such as individuals responsible for Fitness transactions, you will be responsible for working as part of team. You will often be active in brainstorming strategies for increasing membership to your specific club through developing innovative products and services as well as local advertising schemes.

It's more important for club-based roles that the applicant should have a strong background in the Health and Leisure Sector, as well as sports and athletics, because you will need to be one step ahead of the public's needs, questions and desires in order to present the specific products and services offered by the club in the best possible light.

Begin your training today and become active in the fitness and health industry!

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