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Online computer training

With the continued growth of PCs in our daily lives, online computer training courses seem to spring up everywhere. So does it make sense to look at this field when considering a new career?

Before you go any further, it's also a very highly technical and specialised field and it is essential to be properly trained and certified and this is where online computer traiing courses that are certified and given accreditation can become a lifeline if you need to still work whilst getting your qualifications.

Because of the nature of the work, this is one area that lends itself particularly well to a distance learning approach. Online computer training is definitely the way to go for many.

There are numerous types of online courses available, ranging from basic introductory courses through to certifications and even 4-year degrees.

While some on line computer training courses are geared towards teaching a broad range of technology, others focus on a specific software package, language, or technology. Course length varies from short introductory courses to 4-year degree programs at major universities.

When choosing a course, you first need to decide where you want to specialise - programming, repair, etc, then look for a school that specializes in the technology you want to learn. There are numerous courses available from a quick web search, so you need to choose based on the following:

  • Specialty.

  • Cost.

  • Reputation - check how long they have been in business, look for endorsements from previous students.

  • Certification. Be sure that the certification being offered is the industry standard, and actually means something in the real world. Many companies, like Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, will certify schools as experts at teaching their technologies.

  • Support - when you need help, is someone available?

  • Convenience - does the pace and schedule fit your availability?



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