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If you're looking for administration jobs and leisure careers online, then we may be able to help! Whether you use administration jobs in fitness as a stepping stone to further careers in the leisure industry, or simply need to find admin jobs available as a stop gap, read our advice and check for the latest vacancies in administration jobs in hotels, gyms and other leisure venues.

Within the health and wellness industry there are many admin jobs always available, and those vacanacies are advertised through our jobs partner.

Firstly it is important to find out the qualifications needed and recommended training you should gain before becoming active in administration duties within the fitness industry. While specific courses may not be required, general training in business operation, clerical duties, human resources and customer service can help you become employed in a position suited to you. With the right guidance and training, becoming active in administration is not an impossible goal.

If you are seeking a position in a Reception role within a fitness club or health organization, general office training, filling and knowledge of computer systems and other means of IT is important. In general, on-the-job training provides you with all you need to know to fulfill this role in an efficient and professional manner.

Positions requiring slightly more training, including the role of a Human Resources Manager and a Duty Manager will necessitate higher qualifications. For these positions, individuals will need to train in business management and operations, IT, logistics and human resources.

Apprenticeships and job-shadowing will often provide the individual with a more in-dept understanding of the tricks of the trade and the skills required to successfully serve in these careers.

Becoming employed in an admin position within the fitness industry may be the career change that you are seeking. Begin your training and find new success in your career.

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