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CV writing

As the first point of contact, the skill of CV writing is to make yours informative, easy to read and be able to attract immediate attention of the reader. This doesn't mean it has to be on bright pink paper with coloured type but rather that the CV writing that you do should be concise and give the employer a flavour of who you are and what skilsl you possess. This should be apparent within the first third as you often only have a minute to grab the employers attention.

When you sit down to write your C.V., make sure you have the information you need to that relates to your education and past positions. This may include:

  • Schools, colleges of higher education, university
  • Qualifications
  • Training
  • Membership of professional bodies
  • Positions held
  • Hobbies
  • Personal information

Make sure that you have your start and completion dates for your schooling and previous employment. Also keep your C.V. to 2 pages at the very most, so only put in the jobs that are most applicable.


Before you have your interview, make sure you thoroughly research the company and position that you are going for. See what kind of competition the company has as well as how the position they have offered compares to the same job at other locations. It is a good idea to read both the company's web site and the annual report.

When going to your interview, always allow yourself enough time to get to the interview location. Have a map and the phone number on hand just in case you get lost and need further directions. Bring a copy of both your C.V. and the job description. No matter how prepared you feel, you may be nervous so be prepared and allow yourself to refer to the paper if need be.

Sometimes interviews aren't always straightforward and you could find yourself taking tests or taking part in group activities. Make sure you are open and receptive and just give it a try. It'll definitely impress. Overall, make sure you're relaxed and easy going and prepared to both answer and ask questions.



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