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If you're looking for leisure opportunities and job vacancies in order to provide inspiration for a new career, then look no further.

Working in the health and fitness business sounds quite glamorous, but it can often be a lengthy process to acquire certification and gain experience needed for the leisure opportunities available and the job vacancies that you want to apply for. How to become a personal trainer, or any other role in the health and fitness industry, can be a difficult question to answer.

We'll look at the opportunities, career paths and job vacancies available for some of the most interesting jobs in the field, and you'll soon find that once you have the information you need, it's easy to figure out how to become a health and fitness provider. Once you know how to become a fitness professional, and to track down the relevant leisure opportunities, it's easy to make good choices and professionally approach the available job vacancies.

One of the most popular routes into the profession is as a personal trainer, but before you can begin torturing people with dumbbells, you will need certification which is often not time intensive. With the growth of health clubs, you will also find a growing need for Health Club Managers so if you are organized and motivational, this could be ideal. If you are prepared to put more time and money into your education, there are other careers available to you, such as one of a physiotherapist or osteopath.



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