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Change workouts and vary exercises

While some people stick to the same workouts year in and year out, others are regularly changing what they do - are there any benefits to regularly changing your exercise routine?

The basics:

Getting in shape is actually quite simple - you find ways to challenge your body, putting it under a controlled degree of stress that allows it to adapt and improve. Do it right and you will lose fat and gain muscle - in short, get in shape.

But after a while, guess what happens? If you stick with the same old routine, you stop challenging your body, and in response, your body stops adapting.

A quick glance around most gyms shows that this is actually very common - many people get given a workout when they first join a gym, and 3, 6, 12 months later, are still doing it.

Avoiding this is easy, however - you just have to mix it up a bit. There are numerous ways you can spice up your workouts. Let's look at some of the possibilities:

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