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Hamstring workouts

For effective hamstring workouts we explain the structure of these muscles, and the best movements to strengthen and develop it.

The hamstring is the large muscle on the back of the upper leg - its real name is the bicep femoris, and it is primarily used to help to curl the lower leg up towards the upper leg.

Best exercises for hamstring workouts, for this area are:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Leg Curls
If you review almost any list of best exercises you'll find trainers recommending squats. Squats are a multi-muscle exercise that primarily work the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and hips. They are the ultimate workout for building strength and power in your hamstrings, but are equally effective if your goal is simply to shape and tone your legs.

For strength and power, you should perform 6 - 12 reps, while for toning, reduce the weight and perform high reps (15 - 20).

The second exercise that should be a part of your routine is lunges. Like squats, these are a great all round movement that can adapted for either strength or toning. Most people do higher rep sets of these (12+) as the action can be quite awkward.

Finally, finish your workout with leg curls. These are an isolation exercise for the backs of the legs, and will leave you feeling drained. For this reason, it is better to drop the weight and not push too hard on these - it's easy to strain this area.




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