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Rugby Coaching

A role that can be very demanding is that of rugby coaching. This is a very intense sport that has a lot of aspects about it, meaning the rugby coaching staff will need to work with the athletes on a variety of different aspects.

To be good at rugby coaching you need to be extremely dedicated to helping the team and making sure all players are succeeding, as this is a sport where team unity is highly correlated with performance levels.

Along with doing that, the following are other things that need to be accomplished:

  • coming up with different drills to put the athletes through
  • teaching the athletes how to deal with changing weather conditions
  • how to reverse a losing streak
  • how to train a player to be a good captain
  • improving the athletes vertical jumping abilities
  • teaching participants how to better handle the ball while they move about the field
  • how to come up with fresh ideas for practice sessions to keep players interests high
  • improving the way the team holds itself together and communicates on the field amongst themselves
  • dealing with parents who are doing things that could hurt the teams performance (negative talk to the athletes, getting too involved, etc)
  • recognizing overtraining and learning how to deal with it so as to get the athlete fully rested and back playing again
  • understanding the injuries that can take place while playing and learning how to treat them
  • how to get the team warming up properly before a game takes place
  • learning how to spot player strengths and working them to the team's advantage
  • being able to understand all the laws of the game so that you can be sure none of your plays will violate them
  • understanding the role that nutrition plays in the performance of the athletes and making appropriate suggestions to the players with regards to what they can do to maximize their nutritional intake.
So realize just how complex the job of these instructors is. If they are not on top of all the aspects of the game they are going to see their team suffering and less satisfaction by the players will be had. At the end of the day, enjoyment should be the top goal since that is why they are there, but being able to perform to potentiality is definitely going to help increase the enjoyment level that is seen as well.




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