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Basketball Coaching

To be really good at basketball coaching you need to know the ins and outs of the game.

Basically is a sport that demands a lot of quick acting, 'think on your feet' type of activity from its players so this is something that really needs to be worked on during practice sessions.

Basketball coaching should also encompass a lot of off the court drills as this will help to develop the fast twitch muscle fibers that are needed to get the players bodies' ready for the activities they are about to do.

The basketball coaching staff should understand the different energy systems in the body, being the aerobic energy system and the anaerobic energy system. Since the players will work in each one, doing some training to build up the strengths in all areas is essential. The aerobic system will primarily be used during longer duration type of activities such as running across the court multiple times, while the anaerobic system will be used when the player sprints after a ball or is making a very high intensity, but short duration plays.

Off court drills should incorporate both longer duration movements with short, sprint-like activities to get the most from your training.

Additionally, hand-eye coordination will be very important in this sport so that is another key aspect the instructors should be working on. Each instructor should be qualified to come up with a variety of ways to improve ball retention, passing skills and various methods of dribbling.

Lastly, since this sport does involve a lot of twisting, turning and jerking actions, being knowledgeable about the injuries that can result from this is quite important. Seeing a player get hurt during the game is not uncommon so being able to handle this in a quick manner is critical to ensuring that they are in the best position for recovery. Many of these injuries, if not treated promptly can progress and get a lot worse, causing the player to be out of the game for the season.




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