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Online Coaching

With all the technical advancements that are happening today, online coaching is becoming increasingly popular.

One of the nicest things about online coaching is that it enables a direct connection to the instructor and the individual. With a simple e-mail note you can communicate fast and easily, getting the answers you need right away.

Many online coaching sites offer a variety of packages as well, from a simple basic plan, where you get a program set out and then go about it on your own, to a full blown, daily communication plan where you receive the same amount of attention, if not more, than you would from an in-person model.

Furthermore, one of the nicest things about this type of instruction is that if you lead a busy life, it still allows you to keep up with everything else without having to set specific appointments with a trainer. You can log on anytime you wish and also perform your training sessions when they are convenient for you.

One downfall to be aware of however, when not working in person, is that the instructor will not directly be able to see how you are progressing. This makes it increasingly important that you give as much detail about how you are progressing and what you are feeling as time goes on. The more information they have, the better they will be able to judge what path to take with your training protocol.

Lastly, another small downside is that you must already understand the basic techniques of weight lifting (or whatever your sport is). Since they will not be there to guide you along and ensure you are using correct form, it really is vital that you know what to do so as to avoid injury and see the best results from your training.




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