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Tennis Coaching

All participants in this sport should look into getting some good tennis coaching. It is a game that is very much about focus, concentration and learning how to read different serves so you know the best way to position yourself in order to receive the ball.

Tennis coaching lessons will help you learn just how to do this and will greatly improve your proficiency at the sport.

To locate some tennis coaching near you, check out the listings at the various clubs around your city. The level you play at will likely dictate what type of instruction you will wish to receive. If you are brand new to the sport, a couple of one on one lessons would be a great way to learn the foundation, and then you can move into a group situation so you can not only continue learning but will also be able to interact with others more, learning from them and also enjoying the social aspect of the sport.

Once you advance to a higher level however, then you may want to venture into some type of structured one on one situation with a professional instructor. Because the sport can get so technical, it would be good if you can learn more complex plays so that when it comes time to participating in a match, you are ready with a good number of your own tricks and techniques to overcome your opponent.

You also at that stage need to make sure you feel very comfortable with your instructor because you will be spending a lot of time with them and need to be able to express any concerns you may have about your training without any difficulties. Often athletes almost 'fear' their coaches, making for a less than ideal training environment. It really is much better if you have a good relationship and treat each other with respect and care. Anytime the instructor is not looking out for the best interests of the athlete as far as health is concerned, questions should be raised. Unfortunately though, in a competitive sport like this, it does happen - where the instructor will become so focused on winning that the athlete's psychological and physical well being may be jeopardized. While training is important, you must always keep the big picture in mind.




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