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Performance Coaching

In high level sports, most athletes should be getting performance coaching to ensure they are able to reach maximum potential.

While normal instruction can be great at the more beginner levels of all sports and fitness pursuits, once you pass a certain threshold you are ready to step it up a notch and will need more advanced knowledge with how to proceed that only performance coaching can give you.

Most performance coaching teams work on multiple levels. Because these athletes need to have skills in various areas, a psychologist, a dietitian as well as a personal trainer will all likely be involved in the process. This will help to ensure that the athlete does not fall short on any one part of their training regime.

Far too often you see athletes who are really great technically, but lack the mental skills to put it all together when they are out on the playing field. Whether it is nerves that get to them or they just simply cannot focus, their performance starts to suffer. This can be very devastating, particularly if they have been doing so well in practice.

Likewise, an athlete who puts in hours at the gym is only going to go so far if they are not fuelling their body right for the activity. The dietitian will work with them on this so that they not only have the energy to train properly but also can obtain a favourable body composition.

Finally the physical trainer on the team should have a large knowledge of training, both in terms of various weight training approaches and how to best periodize a program so as to prevent overtraining from occurring. Since at this level training sessions are of a higher volume and intensity, it becomes increasingly important to make sure that proper rest is seen.

So make sure you look into the instructors you choose when you are ready to take your training up a notch. If you want to see good progress towards your goals it is absolutely critical that you do this.




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