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Sports Vision Training

What is sports vision training? It is a branch of optometry concerned with vision and perception for athletes. For some athletes, this can make a big difference to their performance.

Research has shown the benefits of sports vision training for baseball players, tennis players, even boxers. This is hardly surprising when you consider that over 80% of perceptual input is visual. Indeed, research has shown that up to 30% of sportsmen and women do not have a satisfactory vision correction or visual acuity.

The starting point is therefore an examination. A sports vision (SV) specialist will identify any deficits or weaknesses, then devise a program to strengthen these areas - for example working on tasks such as eye-hand speed.

Whatever sport you practice, there are certain key visual parameters - for example, in tennis, anticipation, speed of recognition, peripheral vision, and visual and auditory reaction times are all important.

Other parameters, such as central-peripheral awareness, are common to almost all sports. Whatever the needs of your sport, or indeed whatever weaknesses or deficits you might have, there are exercises and equipment designed to improve them.

It is common for both commentators and coaches to talk of a player having a good 'eye' when describing those who have a highly-effective visual system, but the truth is that this is as coachable as any other aspect of the game. Maybe it's time you checked yourself to see if you are missing this vital edge to your game?



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