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Performance evaluation

After doing any type of assessment, a performance evaluation should take place. The performance evaluation allows you to see how your results compare with others training for the same activity as you and also determine how much progress you've made with yourself.

250 metre endurance test

200 metre runners can monitor their endurance with the 250 metre Endurance Test

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The 30 Metre Acceleration Performance Evaluation Test

For a slightly more intense assessment, the 30 metre acceleration performance evaluation test will determine your ability to build up speed over a shorter distance. You must be very capable of generating explosive power to do well on this assessment.

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The 300 Yard Shuttle Performance Evaluation Test

The main goal of the 300 yard shuttle performance evaluation test is to assess your intermediate anaerobic capability. During this assessment you will be working harder than you would for an endurance based measure however not as hard as a full out sprint.

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40m multiple sprint performance evaluation

The 40 metre Multiple Sprint Performance Evaluation Test is a good measure of sprint fatigue.

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400m predictor

Performing the 400m Predictor Test allows you to assess an athlete's potential without them running the full distance.

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150m endurance

For sprinters, the 150 metre Endurance Test is a good way to ensure that you have the endurance to finish strongly.

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400m drop-off performance

Using the 400m drop off performance evaluation test allows you to assess anaerobic ability.

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