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The 40 metre multiple sprint performance evaluation test


You can use the 40 metre Multiple Sprint Performance Evaluation Test to assess sprint fatigue, and thus the efficacy of your training.

What is the point?

Coaches use the 40 metre Multiple Sprint Performance Evaluation Test to assess sprint fatigue. With so many sports requiring repeated sprints from players, this is a crucial skill. Regular assessment will allow you to see if your training program is increasing your anaerobic capacity.

What do you need?

  • 400 metre track
  • Starting Blocks
  • Stop watch
  • An assistant
How do you do the test?

  • Mark a 40 metre section on the straight
  • Complete 6 ? 40 metre runs from a standing start or from starting blocks
  • Allow 30 seconds recovery between each run
  • Record the time for each 40 metre run

What results you'll get :

Perform the test at regular intervals to get results you can compare across time.

To analyze the results, multiply the quickest sprint time by 6 to give an optimal sprint time. The difference between the total and optimal times indicates the level of fatigue experienced in the performer.

What is being measured again?

The objective of this test is to monitor the athlete's level of sprint fatigue.




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