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Astrand Treadmill Test


Trainers and athletes can use the Astrand Treadmill Test to get a quick and accurate measure of VO2 max.

What is the point?

VO2 max is widely considered the best measure of aerobic (cardio) fitness, a key indicator of fitness for many athletes. Using a test such as the Astrand Treadmill Test is a convenient way to assess this crucial fitness component.

What do you need?

  • Treadmill with gradient adjustment
  • Stopwatch
  • An assistant
How do you do the test?

  • The treadmill is set to run at a speed of 5 mph (8 kph), with the gradient at 0%
  • Begin running
  • After 3 minutes, the gradient is set to 2.5% (1.4?)
  • Every two minutes thereafter, the gradient is increased by 2.5%
  • The assistant records how long you are able to continue running

What results you'll get :

Comparing your score from test to test will indicate improvements in fitness, and the effectiveness of your workout program.

You can calculate VO2max as follows:

VO2 max = (Time ? 1.444) + 14.99

"Time" is the total time of the test expressed in minutes and fractions of a minute.

What is being measured again?

This is a good way to monitor the development of your general cardiovascular endurance (VO2 max).




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