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Fitness speed tests

As a requirement for explosive sports, fitness speed tests will help determine the maximum amount of power and force you are able to generate over a very short period of time. Fitness speed tests should be done when you are feeling fresh and have not already completed a hard training session.

35m Sprint Speed Test

To assess explosive power development, a 35m sprint speed test is a really great one to perform. Since this is a very short distance to cover, you will be expect to work at 100% maximum efficiency and will be challenging your body to its full ability.

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400m control test

Regularly conducting the 400 metre control tests will help you to assess your training program.

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60 Metre Speed Test

To determine your ability to accelerate, a 60 metre speed test is a good choice. Because this is a slightly longer distance to cover, your result will not solely be determined by explosiveness but rather a combination ey and soccer.

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Flying 30m test

You can determine your maximum speed with the Flying 30 metre test.

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Lactic vs speed

400 metre runners use the Lactic versus Speed Test to assess speed endurance.

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