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Knee Exercise

Problems with the leg joints are something that many people who do not perform knee exercises deal with on a regular basis. One of the most common reasons why these conditions exist however is because the muscles are not strong enough surrounding the joints to handle all the force that is placed upon them. Then when an overloading stress is placed upon the leg, the joint takes the brute of the force and ligaments, bones or a combination of both start to suffer.

Luckily you can prevent this problem by performing plenty of knee exercises on a regular basis.

The first knee exercise to include in your workout program is a leg extension. These are particularly great because they will really help improve the front quad muscle which, when weak, is definitely a contributor to a painful joint. This muscle helps to ensure that the cap of the joint moves along a correct pathway and without it being strong enough, you can start seeing bone grinding or torn ligaments. Make sure when performing it that you do not start experiencing pain either. Sometimes this movement can cause strain in some people so if that is the case you may want to avoid it. For the rest of the population though it is a great one to strengthen the major leg muscle.

Another movement to include is hip adduction. This will predominately work the inner thigh, which is a muscle that is weak in some individuals. By doing so it will help to balance out the outer quad muscle and ensure that you are not experiencing a muscular imbalance. Imbalances are also another leading reason for the experiencing of pain so it is critical to get this straightened out. When executing this strength activity be sure to do it in a controlled fashion. It is one that you can easily use momentum to aid you if you are not careful. At no point do you want momentum to be doing the work. Rather you should be fully squeezing against the padding with your leg muscles.

So make sure you take the steps necessary today to prevent pain from starting and causing you to require time off from your workout program.




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