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If you want to improve your fitness, there are many different ways to go about it from cardio workouts through to body building and weight lifting programs - in short, you will not be bored!

Everyone immediately thinks general fitness is about jogging through the park and hours of endless toiling on a treadmill - but this is not the only option. Fitness really isn't only about pain and losing weight, it's about changing your whole mentality so that you open yourself up to feeling healthier and more in touch with your body.

Whether you're into gentle meditative forms of yoga or Pilates, or are more in tune with body conditioning using resistance bands or dumbell, the point is to find a form of fitness training that suits you and your goals.

Whether you're young or old, you can find a way that will meet your particular needs and fitness levels. Thefitmap.co.uk really is geared up to helping you achieve your goals. With an extensive exercise section with articles, reviews, tips and downloads, you'll be able to ease yourself into some training right from the off.

It really is critical to create some variety in your training coupled with activites that you enjoy so its sustainable. This will enable you to improve your overall health and have fun at the same time to make you feel better about your self image and feel as though you are doing everything to having as long and fulfilling life as you can.



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