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An ancient practice, did you know that Yoga classes have evolved from a form of alternative medicine 5,000 years old which combines posture, meditation and breathing exercises.

In India, yoga classes (not as we know them) are a daily part of life and in recent years it has become one of the most commonly used complementary and alternative medicines in North America.

The basics

If you want to introduce yoga into your life, start with the basics.

» Yoga breathing
» Child yoga

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Types of yoga

Yoga comes in a wide range of forms depending on what you need.

» Bikram yoga
» Kundalini yoga

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Yoga equipment

Get the top equipment on offer to help you become a yoga guru.

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» Yoga mat

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Yoga accessories

Look to yoga accessories to help you become better with your yoga practise.

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Yoga courses

If you are looking to train further in yoga, look to top courses around the globe.

» British wheel of Yoga
» Yoga teacher training

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Yoga holidays

Keep your yoga regime going with yoga holidays in the UK and beyond.

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» Yoga retreats

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One of yoga's main uses as a type of alternative medicine is to reduce stress, calm and balance the mind, body and spirit.

The most common form of yoga is hatha though there are various other forms that have different focuses. Hatha has become integrated as a mainly physical fitness regimen removed from it's original connections with religioun.

Though some people practise this type of yoga on their own, most individuals take part in classes that vary from once to 4 times a week (or even daily!) and can last 45 minutes to and hour and a half. This can be used to improve flexibility, coordination, digestion, sleep, and concentration, reduce stress, and lower blood pressure.




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Holistic therapy
The basics
Types of Yoga
Yoga equipment
Yoga accessories
Yoga courses
Yoga holidays
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