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Fashion tips & tricks

Want to get that 'Just stepped off a Runway' look - fashion tips and plain old advice ensures you can without the trouble and high designer prices. Good fashion sense is actually easier than you think and there are thousands of tips and tricks that can help you on your way to effortless style.

Simple fashion tips & tricks are often backed up by fashion professionals from New York, Paris and Milan through to right here in London. A little education in the fashion tips & tricks of the designers and runway 'dressers' can help you turn heads wherever you go!

Read on for fashion tips and tricks that can make sure you stop traffic and turn all the heads you want.

It sounds obvious, but stock up on classics that stay fashionable from season to season. Half of looking fashionable comes down to how you co-ordinate the basics with this season's must-haves and accessories. Basics you'll want to own include: well made jeans in a straight leg cut, lots of vests and tee-shirts in basic colours like black and white to wear under shirts, dresses or with skirts, a well made pair of black slacks, and the classic 'little black dress'

  • Take your body shape into account when heading out to get your hands on the latest fashions. Each season there's usually more than one fashion thrust. Figure out which of the this season's trends will look great on you. For example, fall fashions this year had Russian Chic hitting high streets right alongside pencils skirts and fashions inspired by Tippy Hendron and other Alfred Hitchcock heroines.

    These two fashions don't tend to suit the same women. If you look great in a pencil skirt, head down that road, and give the Russian look a pass. Remember, the fashions are meant to make YOU look great, not the other way around.
  • If a particular colour is really hot this season, try to refrain from spending a fortune getting everything in that colour. In a few months it will be out of style and then you're stuck with a wardrobe full of lime green! Instead, buy accessories in that colour that you can mix and match with the basics and classics in your wardrobe. Scarves, hats, shoes and bags are great ways of incorporating fashionable colours into your look without spending a fortune.
  • Lastly, remember that fashions are meant to be guidelines, not dogma. Use your creativity and have fun mixing and matching to create your own distinctive signature look!



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