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Hot stone therapy

The application of water-heated basalt stones, hot stone therapy targets key points on the body, giving a deep massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth.

The direct heat that hot stone therapy provides, relaxes muscles allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than with regular massage. A Hot Stone therapy massage expands the blood vessels and pushes blood and unwanted waste materials through the body. This has a sedative effect on the nervous system.

If you have a muscular injury and inflammation, frozen, cooling marble stones are used instead. This creates a thermotherapeutic effect in your circulatory system to help the body detoxify and heal.

The cold stones cause the blood vessels to constrict and stimulate the nervous system and draws blood and waste products through the body. This ensures that every cell in the body receives more oxygen and nutrients while at the same time waste material is removed more effectively through the corresponding increase in lymph flow. It can be best described as like changing the oil and filter in your car for a newer filter with clean oil; it is a full service for your body.

Alternating the penetrating heat of the basalt stones with the toning and refreshing coolness of the marble stones is deeply relaxing. The use of extremes of temperature has long been scientifically and medically proven to be of benefit to the body. Examples can be seen in the use of ice packs for muscle trauma or the different room temperatures in ancient Roman baths. This is ideal if you wish to relax and tone your muscles with a minimum of effort.



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