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For health spas in the UK and Ireland, thefitmap.co.uk reviews can help. With a run down of the best health spas, their treatments and massage therapies available and which health farms and health spas are close to you throughout the UK - thefitmap.co.uk lets you see who's close to you. Our health spas UK reviews show you where you can truly escape from the hassle of twenty first century living.

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As well as our Premium Partners, why not look at other Spas across the UK using the links below :

London spas

If you're looking for top beauty and health spas in London with premium facilities look below :

» Bliss Spa
» Simple:Spa
» The Dorchester Spa
» The Sanctuary

» London spa reviews
Spas in the Midlands

Luxury spas for health and beauty across the Midlands where you can relax for a day:

» Calcot Manor
» Le Spa
» Ragdale Hall Spa
» Walton Hall Hotel Spa

» Midland spa reviews
North East / North West

From Leeds to Liverpool, all the most relaxing spas in the North of England here :

» Linden Hall Vital Spa
» Oulton Hall Spa
» Rookery Hall Spa

» North East spa reviews
» North West spa reviews
Spas in Scotland

When you're searching for the best spas in Scotland, read our reviews below :

» Cameron House Spa
» Stobo Castle
» The Spa at Gleneagles
» Stirling Highland Spa

» Scotland spa reviews
South East / South West

For premium and top health and beauty clubs in the South, read our reviews to compare :

» Five Lakes Country Club
» Bath House Spa
» Champneys Forest Mere

» South East spa reviews
» South West spa reviews
Spas in Wales & Ireland

Whether you live in Wales or are looking to Ireland for top spas. start here :

» The Clarins Spa
» Killarney Plaza Hotel
» The C Spa

» Wales spa reviews
» Ireland spa reviews

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