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Essentially refering to exercising in a water gymnasium, Aquagym can be based in any swimming pool with water of a reasonable depth and is great for a hard workout that puts no pressure on your joints.

What are the benefits?

Aquagym classes often focus on toning muscles and improving your cardio-vascular system. Exercising in water is a safe and non-aggressive way to improve your overall fitness and is particular suited to rehab or older people.

You can achieve a full aerobic and cardio-vascular work out without any of the shocks or jolts to the body involved in other forms of exercise such as jogging or traditional aerobics. It's particularly helpful for those in rehabilitation after an accident or surgery. As there is no excessive straining of muscles and joints, it can be practiced by all age groups, including older people. It's also suitable for pregnant women. The resistance created by the water is particularly good for building up muscle strength, especially in the stomach and other areas that are often neglected.

It's a gentle form of exercise which is particularly pleasant because of the absence of overheating and sweating. Your body can get a full work out without you suffering the pain of exertion. You won't be left feeling stiff and exhausted and there is little risk of injury. It's an excellent way to improve your circulation and increase your overall flexibility. The water itself is calming and invigorating. It also supports your spine and joints. Group classes are generally fun and a good way to socialize with others interested in improving their health and fitness levels.



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