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Flotation tanks & water therapy

So just what does this encompass? Both flotation tanks & water therapy are means of using water to achieve a relaxed state and therefore hopefully healing.

There are many different forms of flotation tanks and water therapy, but all emphasize the power of water, the source of all life, to ease pain and discomfort whether physical or emotional in cause. Different types of baths or pools may be used for certain effects depending on which form of spa water therapies and flotation you choose. Warm water can be very relaxing and soothing for tired nerves. Mineral enriched water can help detoxify and invigorate your skin. Cold bath treatments can stimulate your nervous system and circulation.

Spa water therapies and flotation are also aimed at giving you a deep feeling of relaxation and can be used to access creativity or a state of meditation. Special tanks can be used to float your body while at the same time cutting of all light, sound and gravity.

Research has shown that this form of sensory deprivation doesn't shut down your brain but rather allows it to concentrate on other forms of activity. It allows you to reach a special 'theta' state of meditation where freed from the distractions of the senses, your mind becomes deeply relaxed.

What are the benefits?
The modern world is often incredibly stressful as well as tiring. We all know the meaning of the expression 'too busy to think.' We feel as if our lives are so crowded that we rush from one event to the next with little space to consider our own needs or even if the way we are living is particularly efficient or fulfilling.

By allowing yourself to relax, you give your mind the freedom to be creative, to consider new ideas and alternatives, to open yourself up to improved ways of dealing with problems and stress.



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