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Water walking

A form of aerobics that can be done in a pool or any large body of water, water walking is a great way to get some exercise.

You can move forwards, backwards or sideways across the pool as Water walking is generally done at waist or chest level depth. Most classes are held in the shallow end. Those who are more advanced sometimes use weights in deeper water so that their feet do not actually touch the ground. The temperature of the pool should be comfortably warm.

What are the benefits?

The advantages of water walking are numerous and it's an excellent way to get fit. The natural resistance of the water helps to build muscle strength. It's a particularly good from of exercise for those with arthritis as the water supports your body so that there is far less strain on your joints.

Those who are expecting a baby find it an ideal way to keep fit during pregnancy without causing undue strain. As an aerobic exercise, it causes the heart and lungs to work harder and helps to build up capacity and strength. Blood circulation as well as overall flexibility is improved. Even if muscles are strained or stiff, the water helps to ease this so that you can exercise without pain or discomfort.

Calories are being burnt off, yet for many, being in the water reduces perspiration and overheating which makes it more pleasant. Water walking is also quite a calming and relaxing means of exercising. Classes are generally intended to be social and fun. It's easy to keep up a conversation while you're exercising, and yet at the same time, the water resistance ensures that your body gets a full work out.



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